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Research on natural products has generated a lot of interest since it can lead to the discovery and development of new drugs for treatment of various diseases. Two significant research had been carried out by The Faculty Of Medicine And Health Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

The research were done to determine the antioxidant activity and potential anticancer properties in mares' milk, in comparison with human's, goat's and cow's milk. The results concluded that NIEMANS FERAMILCHTM CAPSULES posses significant anticancer properties and also contains the highest anti-proliferation activity on CEM-SS (Leukemia) cells and it induced cancer cells' destruction through apoptosis. A valuable nutritional component was identified and high anti oxidant activity had also been determined.


Health and  food supplement products can be developed as an alternative remedies towards drug and chemical based medication.
It is believed that drug and chemical based medication posed a negative side effects in the body system if taken in the long period of time.

Our products are scientifically proven to be the best natural alternative solution to enhance the body autoimmune system .  Natural remedies for  blood related diseases. Also could as well act as:
•    Health booster
•    Energy booster
•    Multivitamins
•    Mineral tablets
•    Vitamins
•    Stress reliever



Effective from 1st October 2016 Government Service Tax (GST) of 6% will be charged in the current price of Niemans product.

The price : RM 210 + GST 6%

                 : RM 222.60

GST No.: 00543477760

1st SEPTEMBER 2014

The price has been revised subjected to the arising cost.

The new price is set at RM 210.00 (60 capsules/bottle) effective from  1st September 2014.

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From Milk to Capsules

The Lypholization process had allowed for the encapsulisation of the powdered mares' milk without losing any of its therapeutic characteristics

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All Natural

Lactobacillius Acidhopilus Bacteria (LAB) was found naturally inside Niemans Feramilch. It's essential to fight bad bacteria in our body and good for our intestine.

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